3d开奖结果今天号码l-竞彩中奖怎么计算器-韩国收入前100名年收入215亿韩元:Disabled veteran team complete 3,000 mile Sahara challenge in 4x4 adventure

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Navigation during the orienteering-type competition was made extra difficult by the unpredictable weather 。


Scott, 51, from Edinburgh, said: “Not only did we do it but we were competing against vehicles which had tens of thousands of pounds of modifications, while we had a car off the factory line。

Grant White, co-founder of Future Terrain, added: “The Carta Rallye is a highly demanding event, even for the fittest able-bodied people。

They took on giant sand dunes, rocky roads, flooded tracks and other harsh terrain in the Carta Rallye - having just driven more than 2,000 miles from England to the starting line in Morocco。

The Dacias made it back to the camp each evening after ten to 12 hours of driving (Image: SWNS) They travelled across part of the Sahara (Image: SWNS) Read MoreRelated ArticlesFirst picture of girl, 1, who died after falling from flat window The Future Terrain team is made up of wounded, injured and sick former and serving members of the armed forces, who use motorsport and off-road driving to gain qualifications to redefine themselves after life-changing injury。

George was returning to a desert environment for the first time since serving in the military。

And it wasn’t a case of the charity just taking part - with the team battling gruelling conditions to finish second and third in their categories on one day。

The Future Terrain team drove three Dacia Dusters a combined 3,000 miles through the Sahara in a seven-day adventure。




“I never thought it would be something I would do but it was better than I was expecting and I think I would probably do it again。