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If you paid that $1,500 to get a test pair of Glass, you’re in for a treat。

7 last month, marking the highest reading since January as easing of lockdowns allowed companies to get back to work and clear outstanding orders。

“There was a clear sense that - particularly in the euro zone - April was likely to be the bottom of the trough。


Official data on Monday showed South Korea extending its exports plunge for a third straight month。

[The Hill]New MySpace seems kind of like it’s just a big ad for Justin Timberlake’s new song。

LONDON/TOKYO (Reuters) - European manufacturers may be over the worst of a coronavirus-driven downturn, but Asia’s pain deepened in May due to a slump in global trade, with export powerhouses Japan and South Korea seeing the sharpest falls in activity in over a decade, surveys showed。

The new coronavirus pandemic - which has killed more than 370,000 people around the world - has wreaked havoc with supply chains and quashed demand as government-imposed lockdowns forced businesses to close and citizens to stay home。

PAIN IN ASIA Other manufacturing surveys suggested any rebound for Asian businesses might be some time off, even though China’s factory activity unexpectedly returned to growth in May。